Woodhouse Scholars Programme – for students studying Biology at uni next year

The Woodhouse Scholars Programme – An opportunity for students going to university to study 1st year Biological Science.

We are very pleased to offer the Woodhouse Grants for First Year of Study (up to five grants in total).

This Scholarship programme is established in honour of Lieutenant Colonel Dr Philip Randal Woodhouse OBE, DSO, MC (and Bar).

Today SPS Ltd is at the forefront of Applied Bioscience in New Zealand and the Directors believe they have a responsibility and an opportunity to open up local career paths for young people wishing to be involved in science and innovation in South Canterbury.

The grant provides $1,000 each to up to five secondary school students from South Canterbury who intend to undertake a course in biological science (schools from outside South Canterbury have also been included where students may be boarding away from home). To clarify, the criterion excludes Health Sciences and Forestry.

To enter, we require students to submit an 800 word essay. The essay requirement may be a challenge for some students but it is an important aspect of our process to identify those students who can articulate a personal vision for the contribution their development of knowledge of bio-science will bring to South Canterbury.

Eligibility criteria are that the student’s normal place of residence (i.e. their family home) must be within the South Canterbury region, the student must be enrolled for a university course in biological sciences at a South Island University (Otago, Canterbury or Lincoln) and the student must be endorsed by their secondary school principal. This latter requirement is to ensure that the best candidates emerge from the schools in the catchment area.

It is our desire, if possible, that a representative from SPS Ltd attend your school prize giving in the event that one or more of your students is awarded a Woodhouse Study Grant.

For further information regarding the 1st year study grants please refer here:


To apply for the 1st year study grant, students should refer to the following link:


To avoid confusion I note the website states an application close-off date of end of October, which is later than the date in the brochure, but we will adhere to that, being the later date.