New Bachelor of Communication degree at UC

UC is proposing a new undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Communication, starting in February 2019*

Intended to prepare graduates for work as journalists, public relations practitioners and communication advisors, the three-year Bachelor of Communication degree is a response to increased demand for communication graduates on the job market. In particular, the degree addresses employer demands for students who have both critical thinking and writing skills and applied media production and digital communication skills.

The degree draws from social science, humanities and business courses, around a core of both analytical and applied communication study, giving students a broad-based preparation. Students will take a range of compulsory core courses in Communication, Management, Marketing, Digital Humanities, Political Science and Māori for the first three semesters, plus electives in languages, social science, psychology, mathematics and many more. In their fourth semester they will specialise in one of four majors:

  • Communication Strategy and Practice
  • Tauwhitinga Māori: Māori Communication Strategy and Practice
  • Political Communication
  • Journalism

The course structure of a Bachelor of Communication looks like:

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UC will be presenting the Bachelor of Communication in full detail at their Open Day on Thursday 12th July and warmly invite anyone interested to come along.