Generosity NZ Scholarships Database ‘GivME’

The Generosity NZ database of scholarships available in New Zealand, GivME, is using a new search platform as from February 12th 2018.

GiveMe offers access to more than 4,000 scholarships and grants for individuals.

There will be a 6-month transition period while the new platform beds in and this will involve changes, but everything should be running well by the middle of the year when Year 13s will be needing to search the database for scholarships that they are eligible to apply for to help them with their tertiary studies.

Each user (student) now has to create an individual account the first time they use GivMe.  Please click on the image above for our unique URL which has a user code embedded.


1.       The URL link to access our search tools will change on launch day. This URL will be: Now, instead of one link for each search tool (givME, givUS & givER), there is a singular URL that takes users to a sign-in portal, which populates access to whichever search tools are subscribed to (the screenshot below is an example of the portal when all three tools are subscribed to)






2.       Because your organisation has a group-type subscription you will need a unique URL to grant your users with access. Your unique URL has been supplied to the technical person within your organisation. They have also been given clear instructions about how and when that URL is to be implemented into your system. 

3.       Users that click through this unique URL and sign up for an account (each user will need to do this) will then be associated with your subscription i.e. their usage and access permissions. Once that account has been initially set-up, users can then sign in to the search tools at any portal with just their email address and password and still be associated with your organisations subscription.

Please contact Ms McLaughlin if you encounter difficulties.