Career Services at SMC

SMC Career Services
The Careers Department at SMC offers individual career counselling, access to up-to-date career pathway and tertiary study information, a careers education programme at Years 11-13 and the Senior Learning Pathways evening in Term Three.
All students in Year 11 undertake a 3-4 lesson ‘Introduction to Careers’ module during the year in their StepUp classes and are introduced to the key tools for career exploration. They have the opportunity to explore their own strengths and interests, as well as research careers that interest them. At Year 12, all NCEA students rotate through a number of different LifeSkills modules, including 7-8 Careers Education lessons which include personality quizzes, lessons on industries facing change, employability skills and curriculum vitae & cover letter writing.  In Year 13, NCEA students have one LifeSkills lesson per week and receive presentations by all the major NZ universities, as well as course planning sessions in Term Three. Where possible, university visits are arranged to provide access to IB students also.
All students are able to book a meeting with Ms McLaughlin to discuss their future interests and potential career pathways. My aim is to listen, to encourage strong self-awareness of interests, strengths, working styles and assist students to actively explore potential career pathways and develop effective decision-making skills. I am continually keeping abreast of changes and latest developments and offerings within the NZ tertiary sector and keep a good stock of printed material from a wide range of universities, polytechnics and private training providers.
The main method of communicating with students about the many career exploration opportunities available is through our SMC Careers webpage (, which can be found via the School intranet ‘Insite’ / Students / Careers Website.  Senior students are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the site and receive the weekly automated Careers Newsletters with links to all the events, notices and news items added over the past week. Students from all year levels and parents are welcome to subscribe.


Jenni McLaughlin | Career Pathways Advisor and Facilitator

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